Tuesday 7 July 2020

666 Tartu in August and October 2019

I can post at all now only because the old Blogger interface was not turned off at the end of June as it was mentioned in the user interface. The new interface is so problematic that it has rendered photoblogging as such an impossible thing to do. As long as the old interface remains, I can post something because who knows when they will fix the new interface to a usable one.

I stayed overnight here, in a surprisingly good example of a house of this style. Very nice stay. The landlady Viive Koni said she would like to insulate the house soon and I told her that it is already perfect now.

I used my chance to walk around in an area which I usually don't visit and I found other nice examples from 1960's and later.


Getting to the corner of Pepleri and Tiigi was a big surprise. It has turned into a gallery!

Even these bricks along Tiigi street are being insulated at last.

This is the backside of the Poe street block.


Former church where the steeple is still missing.

Toomemägi area with nice views.

This place has been going even more down. This is a former entrance to this building.

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