Sunday 30 November 2014

318 Houses around Nõmme tee 14.09.2014

First a nice example of one of the 9-floorers that was recently renovated. I saw it from the train window and decided to go and take a closer look.

That's how it was on 12.06.10.

The other one is still waiting for the new colours.

And as seen on 13.07.06.

Back to 14.09.14. This dormitory has only partly warmed up.

I also found that there were other nicely renovated houses right next to Nõmme tee.

And then I found a whole living area made of modern blocks: Siidisaba street and its buildings.

Then I also visited an area that I had seen from a plane before, Tüve street. There were some blocks which I didn't have a clue of before. This street connects Nõmme tee and Tondi streets.

This is an overview from the plane (as seen in 22.10.14).

So here we go.

Another example of this fantastic architecture! This is also used in Nõmme (Kerese street), but for 5 floors.

Old and cozy.

Usually such houses exist in countryside. These were probably built before Mustamäe.

On Tondi street.

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