Tuesday 4 November 2014

307 Nish (Ниш/Niš) in July 2013, part 2 of 4

Continuing in Magdonland.

Uunderground accident of a plumber.

These red brick parts were so unusual for me. As well as whole houses made this way.

Public drinking water. I think there were such things available also in Estonia in soviet time. It was water just in right time.

One of the masterpieces of Niš: faculty of natural sciences (including mathematics).

Nice example of beton brutalism, although the beton was painted.

Stunning architecture.

Few photos inside.

It looked like I stepped right into 1980's...

Dark walls, leather-like coated armchairs... Exactly 1980's!

A memorial sign for a student couple who got killed in 1999 during NATO bombing.

This older house is used by an instituion dealing with dogs' and other animals' rabies.

Now I entered the most fascinating block area.

That is a serious wall.

Beton brutalist.

More superb architecture.

Amazing place this was.

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