Monday 30 June 2014

252 London 07.2010, part 3 of 4

Continuing 03.07.10. I visited this newer part of the city that is on this metal map. Many abstract views of modernism.

I don't like this.

Video from Tower Bridge, looking houses around:

Trojan? Horse? Virus?

Very nice way for making blocks looking interesting and stylish.

I prefer the style above anytime for this. I think this is cheap and blunt.

What happened? This is a crime in architecture. I like long balconies and above plates, but the overall impression is terrible because of the colours, surface and bad-looking randomness.

Everything was so nice and enjoyable. I just took almost randomly some of these first photos and created a video with some special background music / experiment / ambient:

As a total opposite of the hideous example above, this is probably the best architecture of this kind that I have ever seen. This is so beautiful that I'm gobsmacked about it even years later.

Looks like 1960's, like many in this area.

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