Saturday 14 June 2014

238 Annelinn in 24.04.2013, part 4 of 4

It's been here many times, but it is so nice.

Now, for the first time probably, I went to the other side of Mõisavahe street and walked along those blocks too.

Yet another one like that. It is so good that this shade-style spreads around there.

This is Mõisavahe street ("Between-manors-street").

Too different from others, but still gorgeous!


I like this view a lot. There is clean emptiness, but something lonely too: a bench and some little water. This minimalist moment was one of my favourites there.

I wonder why they built only 5-floorers here. Ran out of building stuff?

Peek over the Mõisavahe street.

Now front sides of the white and three colourful houses follow. This one looks very good.

Some peeks over the street.

This seems to be the very edge of Tartu.

This is already Lohkva, neighbouring area. More photos from there are in post nr. 176.

Looking back on Mõisavahe street.

Amazing view...

Even more amazing view!

And more amazing.

Lohkva is in the left, Annelinn in the right.

Prisma building.

Walking back to the place where I already was.

Tartu Theological Seminary built in 1994.

I walked back to Sõpruse avenue and then along that.

The blue sign was on the right last time I saw it.

That was my biggest and most enjoyed tour in Annelinn so far.

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