Saturday 14 June 2014

236 Annelinn in 24.04.2013, part 2 of 4

This one looks so nice! Again, there is enough space in front of it to see it wholly.

A spruce -- my favourite close to buildings.

Looking towards Kalda way.

Here I noticed a very nice colour combination, although this is too much different from other buildings.

1030? Yes, the official date of first-mentioning of Tartu.

That area is so nice! Tallies :)

How nice this is! Nicer than Lasnamäe indeed.

Noobs. There is something wrong with these houses here. Perhaps the colours, perhaps architecture... Maybe they just don't fit here, because they don't look like the others. If there were many like them together, at least three, then it would be better.

The same I started this post with.

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