Monday 23 June 2014

244 Different areas of Tartu 2012-2013


The house on the wall (main building of University of Tartu) is right there, behind that house, grey roof is visible, which is red on the picture. It was all green before, covered with plants.

In Toome hill (Toomemäe).

One building of University of Tartu.

Math and computer science department of University of Tartu in Toome hill.

On Kuperjanovi street. This house used to be yellow. White is better.

Soviet time Tshaika? No, actually a Cadillac, just similar.

Railway station, recently restored after fire damage. It was red in the past. And reopened for travellers.

This one is on Tähe street in Karlova.

At the cross of Võru and Kastani streets.

In front of Railway station.

Ülejõe houses.

Old Department Store from behind. Will be demolished, if not done already.

House on Aleksandri street seen from Soola street.

Tähe street.

Rahu street.

This cool house has been renovated, Poe street in the very centre (on the other side of Town Hall Square).


Right next to the coach station.

This house will be also demolished, it is right next to old Department Store.

The new Department Store is right across the street.

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