Saturday 8 February 2014

215 Mustamäe in autumn 2012

Here are some new and renovated buildings in Mustamäe, plus old ones too as always.


Public transport from inside. This is an older bus.

I rarely take photos inside the bus but this is how it is to drive around in public transport in Tallinn, including Mustamäe.

Fairly good colours.

I wanted to take photos of that nice new house right next to trolleybus station. It is called Mehhatroonikum.

Looking around.

Building for economics studies of TTÜ.

Which is right next to another new building: library of TTÜ.


The old part.

Typical look, but always so enjoyable to get home after work and have a view like this.

Today I went to see closer that nice renovated house right next to Sõpruse avenue.

Nature in the middle of Mustamäe.

That looks so nice.

Such a dull look, but that's what it is.

This one was another goal today.

This looks good.

But this one is fantastic!

Very nice view.

Early snow.

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