Saturday 1 February 2014

209 Pelguranna and Sitsi 2008-2012

More photos from around Sõle street.


View along Sõle street.

This house has been saved from dereliction.

9-floorers along Sõle street and towers along Kolde avenue.



Now many photos arouns Sõle street, both in Sitsi side and Pelguranna side.

This looks brand new. But colours... I wish pink was light green instead, with some parts (up-down stripes) dark green. Then it were awesome!

This house looks very beautiful, colours go nicely together. Before renovation, there were no colours. I think there were even metal rods in balcony parts. An example of such house should be on the same street but closer to the centre, and also on Nõmme way and Paldiski road. Such a renovated house is really nice to see.

Is this some odd minimalism or...? I doubt they had minimalism in their mind when doing it.

That one is like a go-between block and a usual house.

This one looks like in the centre of Paldiski.

Very nice house.

This is something unique.


I have to say that the original white colour was nicer. Yellow and red, or the faint versions of it, don't go together well. Before it looked like classic and stylish, now it looks cheap.

This view is probably common to all cities in the former Soviet Union. Russian view or style I would say, but not bad, rather nostalgic.

Another time and place in Pelguranna may look like this.

It was far from easy to get this picture, but it is an example of reality that takes place many months every year.

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