Wednesday 18 January 2012

071 Mustamäe in March 2007, vol I

On my way to work. I liked that a lot, spring is coming! And the sunshine was very nice!

Again Keskuse 14A construction.

Hmm, it looks like that I have a picture of a building that doesn't exist anymore: one of the dormitories of TTÜ: the one which is a bit farther from me, with orange brick wall. Now there is a new dormitory (or a completely renovated one, can't remember).

View along Akadeemia tee.

They started building Mustamäe from these buildings, they are really nice! From 1962 and so.

This building is ready now, and is being made even higher.

Raja 4D, new dormitory.

I wanted to make pictures of those new living houses at the edge of Mustamäe, here they are.

Well, under construction though.

On Kadaka tee, very beautiful area!

Back to the university campus area.

More than 1,5 years later I moved to this area.

Nice evening sun.

My house on the left.

Sõpruse pst.

Early spring fog, it's so amazing! This is Vilde tee.


Pines---one very important element of Mustamäe! So beautiful.

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