Sunday 15 January 2012

069 Mustamäe in November and December 2006

Now some more pics from that snowless autumn-winter at the end of 2006.

Vilde tee 90. As I may have already written, I read from the newspaper that this house has been on fire more than 100 times. Because it was a dormitory kind of house. I made this photo (right behind my house) just in the beginning of the renovation.

The second half of the house remained intact at first.

On Vilde tee again, Szolnok bus-stop.

It was a very beautiful day, why not to have a walk in the middle of blocks then? :-)

The construction of Keskuse 14A. Another one where I was thinking about to buy an apartment... until I saw the prices.

Männipark (Pine park). Actually this place was also meant to be taken down and build blocks but for some reason that didn't happen. Now there is a nice pine park, for children, even for singing and dancing.

Such a perfect and dreamy view! Nice block and nice trees.

Made in Ehitajate tee busstop.

Only half was renovated then, later they renovated the bigger half too.

Two shots from my windows again. I miss those sunsets...

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