Friday 13 January 2012

067 Lasnamäe in 2008

I continue with pictures of the great Lasnamäe!

First a springy picture from Kadriorg, an old and green area right next to Lasnamäe, full of old wooden buildings. You can see these four great buildings at the beginning of Lasnamäe.

An example of renovation. Nice! Almost as good as in Poland :-)

The market of Priisle. I heard that they want to demolish that market and build something new there. I wonder if these unique arcs will remain then... TV-tower is seen far away.

New buildings in Vana-Kuuli area. Very nice I would say! I even thought what if I would buy an apartment here?

Fantastic colours! The other side was yellow-red as was above.

Next some pictures from the neighbouring new area Loopealse. This new little area was probably planned to be full of buildings back in 1980's, but it all stopped then. Now was the right time to continue. These are apartments for people with certain house-problems or something like that, I am not sure. I was very happy to see that the style of old Lasnamäe is still living!

I think these two can be Virbi towers, the left one brand new, right one is old.

As you can see, these bunch of houses is not called "Loopealse elamurajoon" as it might be for a usual living area but "Loopealse munitsipaalelamud" instead. So these apartments belong to the city government and they rent these flats. Probably with lower prices than in the market.

Buildings are on the right, there is a wonderful view from those windows: on the sea!

Oh I like this picture a lot! Looks like soviet time construction...

And this one is even better! Even more nostalgic.

Only 8 floors, but still better than 5 :-)

I have another series of pictures of this place when it is all ready and people live inside. Stay tuned!

Pictures made from a car. I probably came back with a colleague of mine and we came through Lasnamäe. Here you can see pictures from the central canal, Laagna way. You can see the six towerblocks first. Maardu city is on the right (once it was part of Tallinn).

New towerblock on Virbi street.


Peterbury way is on the right. I remember that I was there because of my work.

Made from the Swedbank-building at Liivalaia street. The beginning of Lasnamäe is seen clearly, again those four towerblocks.

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