Sunday 15 January 2012

070 Mustamäe in January and February 2007




Early morning, going to work. On Tammsaare way.

This is not Mustamäe anymore but the next area where I worked back then (Kitseküla). This is on Pärnu road where it goes over Tammsaare way.

Lots of snow! At last!

Going to work again.

On Mustamäe way.

This is renovated...

...and this was the original. Since both were seen in the same tame, it was good to compare. The old one is much much better and more authentic indeed!

This is a picture from one of my favourite movies "Noor pensionär" from 1960's. I was thinking a lot back then after moving to Mustamäe, where on earth (read: Mustamäe) was that place?

I finally found it!

Actually, there is another scene in that movie "Noor pesnionär", that takes place right next to the older house that you see on the left. The big traffic circle edge is on the right.

Mustamäe way.

Keskuse 14A construction.

Fantastic house! Built in 1990 or so. English design I would say.

On Sõpruse pst/avenue.

On Vilde way.

Sõpruse pst., Lepistiku busttop area.

Such a great view, isn't it?

That's even better!

And then back to Szolnok area, my home.

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