Wednesday 24 November 2021

747 Pärnu 17.06.2021, part 2 of 3

 My goal was to get here to Uus-Sauga area. I am standing at Rõugu street.

Looks like some new buildings are just about to arrive here.

How should a cyclist go through such place?

It looks like I got to an area where there are newer blocks and also the older, Stalinistic bricks. In Tallinn there is an "equivalent" area in Pelguranna because there it looks all very similar.

Walking around in such place brings one back to 1950's and 1960's (if only there were no cars and renovation).

That was amazing place.

So there was no window right next to the door from the beginning? Also, it is evident that the whole house accepted to get uniform colours for the loggias except one personality who was not OK that others decide for them -- hence that black ugly spot on the third floor. Sad. I guess I would also like more the original colouring but it's not entirely private property and some people just don't care.

Here I am reaching another part at Laeva street. I was looking on my (paper) map of Pärnu and a dear young woman with a child in carriage asked if I am lost. So kind of her!

In the right out of the photo there was a drunken man talking to himself.

Somebody was talking on the window with phone so I didn't take the whole building on the photo.

Sauga river.

Unbelievable how they could leave that one part like that for the electricity or something!

That name of the area Kakuami is so strange. Is it Swedish or what?

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