Wednesday 10 November 2021

744 Pärnu and its Old Town 16.06.2021, part 1 of 2

I started from the amazing architectural area but took only few photos because I have already been here and took lots of photos then.

Kuldne Kodu building.

Another beton brutalism-like building, even though made of bricks.

I heard this bridge is about to be upgraded: either renovated or replaced with a new one.

Central Library.

The photos of this area and upcoming photos are taken in Pärnu Vallikäär.

Hotel Vesiroos where I stayed at.

This looks amazing!

But this one looks too minimalistic, dull even.

The local coach station is almost acceptable to me. If only its colour was dark grey or something like that and the outer material something different than tin.

I decided to walk through the most streets of Old Town because the area is not big.

Raekoda / Town Hall, actually one part of it. At first I misunderstood the map and information and I thought this was built in 1797 as it was written in the map. Knowing this I thought it looks at least a hundred years older. Now, trying to get a more precise information, it turns out this building was built in 1911! It was an era where the old style was used again. I saw this building was named as an example of Art Deco but it doesn't look like one to me.

Some interior photos of this are here (you can recognise by windows).

The older building from 1797 is in the left of the dark one and that is called the Town Hall, it looks much newer.

This one is from 1543 but I think it has ben heavily "upgraded" over the centuries, at least in 19th century too. Malmö as a street name points to old connection with Sweden.

Local barrack-style.

The Red Tower, first half of 15th century. The fast food place had a sign that it is open with a nice weather.

I see Art Deco here.

This old house has been restored to look like it used to be. That's what the sign said.

I suspect this flag, similar to Swedish flag, is the flag of the city because I saw it in other places too.

This is view over the Pikk street to the shopping area.

This was a very nice view.

This was built at the end of 19th century. I thought it's older.

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