Thursday 11 November 2021

745 Pärnu and its Old Town 16.06.2021, part 2 of 2

 The Old Town even has some nice blocks (in addition to not that nice blocks).

This is even nicer although I suspect they've replaced the nice dark brown wooden parts with the lighter grey parts that are not so nice anymore.

St. Elizabeth's church.

That addition looked interesting!

Later at home when looking at the photos I was horrified: that nice addition (looks like from the second half of 1990's) has been connected to the church! How could that happen?

Here I heard Finnish buzz coming from inside and the signs were also only in Finnish.

This building at Kuninga 5 (in English this would be 5 Kuninga (King) street) is something very special! It looks like from the 18th century. But I checked out, it was built a bit later, 1844 although it was rebuilt in 1898, as it was noted, in Art Deco style which I again can't really see. The register also says there used to be Estonian Bank office during the first republic. For me, this building looks like from 1750s. Also, it used to be in a bit weary condition recently as the real estate web pages have some photos.

Here I am leaving the older part.

This is most probably a common redstart. I asked somebody who knows birds better than me because I had never seen such.

Tallinn gate.

Brand new apartments.

This is an interesting building by architecture. It looks like it is connected to the Tervis hotel that is very close and who knows, maybe this was the original (boiler house) for the big hotel. That hotel Tervis is a very special building architecturally (I already have posts about this) and also this one is not just any random brick. But it looks like today the theatre Endla uses this for plays. Possibly the modern technology takes less space and the boiler part takes less room now or is in the building right next to it.

There was a play going on when I passed the side (in next photos) and I heard the play. But the advertisement for the play was something so unpleasant to me that I even felt disgusted. I don't want to see that picture anymore. So I decided to replace the big ad with something much nicer and more enjoyable (at least to me) and the general colour tone is similar. The similar tone was the reason how I got the initial idea what to put there instead of just blurring it out. Why that picture in particular? I think it fits well with the chimney and smaller white chimneys because these chimneys and the picture are connected through certain music from the past. A small connecting hint: the Battersea power station and electronic music.

This building, echo of beton brutalism, looks very interesting from all sides. The address is Ringi 56. After having had these theories that I wrote above, I wanted to really find out what was it. And I found it: it was exactly the boiler house for the Tervis hotel/sanatorium, explained here. It was built in 1982 and really, it was so special because Tervis is so incredibly special. There could have been nice boiler houses in many other places too but nobody cared back then, a simple brick-block was goo enough.

This one with three chimneys is possibly the new boiler house but I'm not sure.

Few outer views from the river side of Tervis.

Another hotel.

The other side of the same hotel.

I don't like these colours (it's a hotel) but in a sense it suits here when looking at the ground floor and the trees. It looks like it is a memory from the beginning of 2000's and therefore it is somewhat nostalgic.

A cute shop I took a photo last time too.

The amazing Tervis building.

This one also caught my attention, Esplanaadi 42, built in 1930. Again, I thought its older.

View from hotel Vesiroos at the nice new building at Seedri street that is right next to Tervis hotel. I took photos of it last time already that's why I recognised it.

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