Tuesday 24 January 2017

528 Narva 10.08.2012, part 2 of 2

I remember that we had a guide in the bus. And nobody could expect that the guide does not speak Estonian! :) So she spoke in Russian and those more older who understood told others.

Wow, what a pompous house! I don't know how many such are there but Tallinn barely has any that high and majestic (yes, close to Pärnu road viaduct there is something similar).

This reminds me Sillamäe, not far from Narva.

Definitely one of the best shots today. These bricks look so cool and unique, and have nice colours.

A house like that close to a viaduct -- reminds me Riga.

Unbelievable types!

Quite similar to those three in Mustamäe at Lehola bus stop.

This reminds me Tallinn's bricks on Nõmme tee and Paldiski mnt.

Another well known type, seen in Paldiski, Rakvere, even in Tallinn, one in Mustamäe and perhaps another one in Pelguranna.

Simple as it is, still something new to me.

So cool view over the square.

Almost slipped away. Very good to see the building date on buildings. This tradition was more common in 1960's and 1970's.

So many bricks like that! Not blocks but bricks, that is, hand built.

I am glad that I could see even that much from the bus window as I saw.

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