Tuesday 24 January 2017

527 Narva 10.08.2012, part 1 of 2

I haven't yet walked in this city full of blocks but once our company had a tour there and so I took many photos from bus windows, as much as I could.

This is very cool. There is a smaller similar one in Elva.

This reminds me vaguely a soviet-time design so it is very nostalgic.

From the tower.

City with sad history: here is at least one part of its previous times left.

My colleagues in the car.

Another little piece from 1681? I guess that's not the house number on the street...

A nice medieval town was replaced with these.

Such location reminds me another house that is in Valga.

That right one looks very nice. Such are much more typical to Latvia and Lithuania though, here they rather look like foreigners.

Wow, this was connected to a hotel.

One of the best views that I got: most nostalgic and enjoyable urban design from soviet time.

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