Wednesday 24 August 2016

468 Variku 2015

This area is mostly private houses' area and I haven't had much interest in it. But those private houses are from 1960's and many of them are very nice. Also, there really are some blocks! It's like the continuation of Tammelinn in a triangle between two railways.

Houses at Ristiku street

The right part was built first as a one-floorer. Then the roof was raised up for the second floor. And then the part closer to the camera was added to the older part later. They told me that this house was the really first one in this area. Later all the other houses were built. I'm not sure I got it right...


Tihs style is very nice. Such covered bricks are in many places, like Laagri in Tallinn.

Quite strange, especially for this area.

Even Annelinn doesn't have any such.

Very unique.

The other side: also very unique.


5-floorers in this area!

There are similar blocks in Vastse-Kuuste and Mammaste in Southern Estonia, but also in Vanemuise street in Tallinn.

Houses around Raudtee and Lemmatsi streets follow, near Aardla street. I was there with a sewing machine :) It was my first visit to this area, I didn't know there are houses like that.

Such a unique brick.

Such houses are seemingly from 1970's and later, at the end of 1980's or even after that, a newer version of these was used, and it was covered with plaster which made them looking better.

And a renovated version of it:

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