Tuesday 23 August 2016

467 Different places in Tartu in 2014

Some random photos taken in Tartu in 2014.

New buildings at Sõbra street (the river side of Turu street).

This is not new of course.

I was walking over the big bridge, can't remember its name. Annelinn is in the left.

Emajõgi and new houses.

Turu street from the same bridge. I remember that I took my first photo with my first digital camera from right here.

I found this photo, I took it in 02.06.04:

Back to 2014.

Few blocks near this area (Kuu street etc.)

Salem Baptist church. Built in 2000.

This is most probably Forselius park at Tähe street.

A renovated block at Turu street.

Ahhaa science centre close to the bus station.

New building at Vanemuise street.

I went to the centre. I'm not sure where that was...

Tiigi street. I like those limestones.

This wall in front of Library of University of Tartu used to be full of ads. Now they are removed and the sign says it is prohibited to add any.

I knew this place will be full soon so I took these views before this happens. There used to be the old Department store and a parking lot behind it.

The house in the left is one of the nicest newcomers in Tartu.

Fog in Mureli street, Tammelinn. Stunning weather! I miss such a lot. There will be more photos from this area.

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