Monday 15 August 2016

463 Ülejõe and Annelinn 13.07.2014, part 2 of 3

Continuing this interesting trip to an area that has been so close and nearby but until that day, not fully explored.

This is still Ülejõe.

Very beautiful! Reminds me Germany and Vilnius :)

I remember this one was before very typical light grey silicate brick building.

It looked like this in 2012 (post 154), seen from Puiestee street:

Back to 2014. This is quite nice.

I am so glad that somebody have kept the original look of this building.

Even these labels look like as they generally used to be! Perfect!

Oh dear, such stylish pictures on the wall from 1960s... Incredibly nostalgic and incredibly enjoyable.

These are so common in Mustamäe that one can take a photo there and mix up with one taken in Mustamäe.

Just like in Mustamäe.

I like such. Also example from 1970's.

There is at least one example of such also in Pelguranna, Tallinn (not that much renovated).

There is or was somewhat similar view in Astangu.

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