Tuesday 13 January 2015

333 New buildings in Raadiku street in Lasnamäe, 28.06.2014

Actually, these houses are not new since I went to this place 5 years ago when this area was under construction, see post nr. 131 from 2012. The area was finished by the end of 2010. But these houses are new when compared to the rest of Lasnamäe.

The area is located right next to Peterburi way so everybody knows these (and certainly admires too) who drives along Peterburi road. The buildings are rented from a company by the municipality and they are given for rent (cheaper than the market prices) for young families or for those people who are needed for developing Tallinn (http://www.tallinn.ee/est/eluase/raadiku), plus some more I think. Buildings are very nice and modern, nicely planned so I enjoyed my second walk there very very much. But what's inside... Residents know.

First some photos of neighbouring area.

That's the place.

A bumblebee stinged me in foot when I walked through the grass :)

Terrific views!

Amazing views everywhere.

The area is not big. Walking further. This is probably some local school.


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