Friday 2 January 2015

327 Lasnamäe 06.08.2012, part 1 of 2

I do have more photos of this incredible and wonderful part of Tallinn. This was a nice Friday evening walk. I also took three videos from the first bridge.

Isn't this gorgeous? This is just amazing. One of the best views in Lasnamäe.

Perfect look.

This looks so amazing.

Amazing combination of landscape and concrete.

Vana-Kuuli new houses.

New, but also amazing.

One of the few buildings with very nice colours.

This is also not bad.

Relatively new social housing area. This place was empty for decades. Even the street was made with a 90 degree angle to bypass this area. Just the housing was late.

Second wave of the social housing construction by the city in the same area. The architecture is different.

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