Tuesday 13 January 2015

331 Lasnamäe seen from a distance, 2014

I took these photos of Lasnamäe from the roof of Radisson hotel in the centre.

Laagna way just starting to go through Lasnamäe.

Seen from a plane.

Laagna way is lower almost horizontal street, Peterburi way is the upper one. Majaka street is between them (among others). New Paepargi residential area (http://merko.ee/paepargi/) with a small lake (in the centre) is in the left, with some new buildings already surrounding it. There will be new towerblocks too in the near future (see this: http://www.merko.ee/paepargitornid/). At last! I can remind of only two such in Lasnamäe after 1990's.

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