Monday 30 September 2013

193 Āgenskalns 27.04.2010

This was my last day in Rïga this year and I left Āgenskalns, hopefully not forever :) It is a nice and little bit older area "over the river".

Last look at my favourite heap.

Superb architecture from soviet time.

I laughed at this :) "Pakāpieni"! In Estonian, that is "Päkapikk", which can be very funny for Latvians, I don't know. It means dwarf, friend of children, who will bring a candy into their scuff or sock in December, when this is put on the window. Well, they put candies for me, I can remember that and very clearly. So here you can meet three such, which makes three candies. Perhaps even three different candies.

I was and still am impressed by the cleanness! Wow! That is just awesome. Respect! That is how things have to be. Although, there are places like that completely different, having different aura and are enjoyable in other ways.

This is a very nice look.

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