Sunday 1 September 2013

186 Pļavnieki 25.04.2010, part I

Now I got here again. I visited this place last year but I was so tired that I couldn't see the brand new 10-floorers, neoblocks I would say, and I also couldn't enjoy views from Lubānas street where I drove on the bus a year ago when entering Rīga and where I was stunned because of the blocks and views that I saw from the window. This area is one of the nicest in Rīga! This is Pļavnieki!

Those are neoblocks!

Can you imagine this! Incredibly nice concrete jungle.

That is one edge of the concrete corridor...

And there you go! I am very glad that there are such blocks somewhere! And higher than 9 floors: 10. In Tallinn, all those newer block-like houses have 8 floors.

Another similar word to Estonian: 'māja' means 'maja' in Estonian, which means 'house'.

I was especially happy that day: I could get into one of these! Somebody washed the corridor or something and the door was open. Oh dear! It is much harder to get into these new ones, wherever.

I felt very insecure here...

I just shot and shot, as much as I could.


And last, panorama.

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