Sunday 1 September 2013

183 Centre and Old Town of Rīga 25.04.2010

Since I wanted to see unseen parts of Pļavnieki today, I walked again through the Old Town and centre parts so here are squares and rectangles that caught my attention on my way.

This is an Anglican church! I took part of the service too.

Oh dear, I see that the word 'saviour' in Latvian is 'pestītāja' :D It is like a funny, almost Võro version of Estonian 'päästja'! Võro version is 'pästjä'.

This is something worth noting: 660 km long Baltic Way that took place on August 23, 1989, exactly 50 years after Molotow-Ribbentrop pact. Almost 2M people joined their hands on that day, forming a very long chain.

Museum of the Occupation. There is one also in Tallinn. This house is one of the nicest oldies I've seen in Rïga. My host had exactly the opposite opinion on that :) But I think this so incredibly stylish one, built in 1971 for 100th anniversary of V. I. Lenin.

Very beautiful!

I guess there was something nice here before...

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