Saturday 28 July 2012

108 Tõravere 07.07.12

Very small "town" close to Tartu, perhaps it's rather a village. Obviously known by the observatory. I've watched few comets there through a big telescope back in the second half of 1990's. Enjoy!

If only somebody could tell when these were built! My friend who has visited cinema in Tõravere in his childhood said that these houses didn't exist back then but the architecture of these is like from 1930's.

I can't believe my eyes...

Such an extraordinary house in such a small place! But it is evident why it is there: for astronomers! Houses like that were ideal back then (1970's) and so, since the place is very small, they were given a special luxurious house for living. The observatory is very close to here. There was cinema and shop in the first floor.

This view looks like a painting of Toomas Vint!

And this one is like another of his paintings!

I once drew a picture in a similar fashion ("Ilmatsalu 3, Tartu") and I got inspiration from a building.

The observatory (Tartu Observatoorium,

I am sorry that I didn't take a picture of the old building, I suppose it was much more "genuine".

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