Monday 2 July 2012

100 Mustamäe from August to December 2008

So this time is the 100th post and what else can I put here than my lovely lovely, best place on Earth: Mustamäe! It's just a next post in a date row but as fantastic as always! Enjoy! :)


One of the beauties of Mustamäe!

Since Mustamäe got 50 years old this year (2012), there was an article in the local Mustamäe newspaper and I read this very building, Sõpruse pst. 242 was the very first 9-storeyed typical blockbuilding in Mustamäe, Tallinn, whole Estonia. So I think it wasn't just a coincidence that it also appeared in one of the best comedy-movies from that time, "Young Pensioner". I took this photo because it was recently renovated. Nice, but it would be nicer if it were three times as high... That would be truly awesome!

New Sipelga area.

I only took this picture to test 12x optical zoom with my new Canon S5-IS camera. My previous camera was Olympus something, a soap-box. After this point I couldn't carry on my camera with me everywhere because it is too big.

The building on the left is among unique pearls of Mustamäe.









So now you've seen a progress in nature in Mustamäe, in four months.

I shall add that I love winter. In fact, I love nature and _any_ weather. This is so amazing, created by God, with such a great wisdom. Nature is working so well, it is really a miracle.

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