Saturday 25 June 2011

032 Center of Rīga and driving outside 06.05.2009

So I left this dear and nice city, these are some of the pictures from that, also outside of Rīga.

I made this photo because I liked that casinos are not so colourful as in Tallinn. Their windows are mirrored, so I think it is possible to look outside, not like in Estonia with complete darkness (if there were no lights).

In the busstation.

I think that is something very Latvian. I've never seen an old or newer building like that in Estonia.

See the edges? Because there is a separate room in the edge of the road and drivers use that area, it is possible to pass a truck or a car even when there is another car coming right towards the driver. Very convenient and good, but I've never seen that in Estonia.

Yes, you can just pass them if they all keep on the right side of the road.

There were nice bridges close to Rīga.

Just some little town.

That was my first trip to Rīga. I went back next year to see the rest of the blockbuilding areas, because I ran out of time this time!...

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