Friday 24 June 2011

030 Vecmīlgrāvis 05.05.2009

That was my purpose for this day - Vecmīlgrāvis!  I took a trip to one of the areas which is farther from the center and more isolated, a specially designed smaller living area in the middle of nature (89 pictures).

Nice, isn't it?

Nice little sub-area!

Wow! You see the colours?

My sweetheart, you want some food?

Wow, my favourite, Jaguar!

Now driving back to the center.

My host told me a story about he tilted white ship in the morning (probably a war-related story) and surprise, I saw that and made a picture of the same ship in the same day! I didn't know where it was. He showe me a picture from the internet and I recognized that immediately from the bus window.

I think that is in Sarkandaugava area.

Getting closer to the center.

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