Sunday 19 June 2011

027 Imanta 04.05.2009

I am glad to present another bigger blockbuilding are, well-planned like Väike-Õismäe in Tallinn. It is not one of my favourites though because of poor architecture. Yes, of course I like this are as a soviet monument or soviet way of doing some landscape architecture, and I like that there are several similar buildings together, but the architecture of buildings is poor, they look rather like white hospitals. I think there are lots of 'em like that in Russia. Still, one of the most awesome views in Rīga was right there! I'm glad I could be there, see all that and show that to you too! Enjoy! (199 pictures)

I think these two pictures are not from Imanta. This poor blockbuilding needs some help to stay alive! Help somebody!

But Imanta should start from here.

My sweetheart, who are you looking for? Or at?

Spring, my favourite, I can't let it go without noticing that beauty and the wisdon of God who made all that.

Wow, something interesting is far away.

What?! This is really one of the most awesome views I encountered in Rīga!

Such a beauties!

Look at that! Fantastic! A true commieblock dream! Old and new together.

These look like the buildings from Pelguranna, Tallinn.

Poor kitty, I am so sorry for your sad destiny! I am crying together with you! That's all I can do for you now...

New building, but doesn't quite fit there. It looks even more Russian. It is interesting, but not very nice.

The nice sky got blank white in the previous picture but it was so nice that I had to get it so here it is!

So beautiful!

There are lifts like that in Tallin too, I've used on like that several times.


I always enjoy stone walls like that. That's the style of 60's!

Nice planning, isn't it?

Wow, such a nice building!

Oh I like that a lot!

That's also nice!

Ahhh, when will trams come to Mustamäe in Tallinn?... At least we have trolleys there.

Nice colours!

Yea, this is right in the border or Imanta and Zolitūde.

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