Monday 23 May 2011

018 Rīga center 02.05.2009

Next day I visited my first bigger blockbuilding areas in Rīga, Purvciems and Pļavnieki. These pictures are done in the center are before and after that.

I walked from K. Valdemāra street to Brīvības street, Pērnavas street (well, as I learned that later, that is named after an Estonian city Pärnu) and then on the bridge over the railway, Ieriķu street to Purvciems.

Can anyone guess where one can see architecture like this in Rīga? :-)

I was astonished when I saw this. This is so beautiful! A special design, the best design from 70's! In K. Valdemāra street.

That strange but unique building was on the right of the previous building.

6-floorer brickbuilding! First time I see buildings like that! Usually they have 5 floors or less.

That should be Pērnavas street.

K. Barona street. Lovely long and straight street!

Well, I've never seen a brickbuilding church like that! Have you?

I like industrial views.

I also like railways a lot.

Domina shopping center on the left. I remember that Marks & Spencer was there so I visited that shop because back then it wasn't available in Tallinn yet. Now Tallinn has two of them.

Purvciems is already visible, how exciting! That will be my next post 019.

In the evening. Of course I had to make a picture of that.

That was a really weird building. Nice though.

That's where I stayed for my time in the lovely Rīga! Even the window is open in that apartment.

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