Saturday 21 May 2011

016 Valka, Ratnieki and more in Latvia 04&06.05.2007

These pictures are made in May 2007 when the annual algebra workshop took place in Latvia for the first time ( After we entered Latvia I made some quick pictures from the car and also when we came back. Unfortunately I can't remember whether I made them in Valka or in some other city we passed through. There is just one picture from Ratnieki where the workshop took place.

Generally speaking, I was a bit surprised when I didn't see any one block- or brick building the same as in Estonia. Yes, similar of course, and bricks are the same, but architecture is different! And I have to say that brickbuildings look worse, but blockbuildings look better than in Estonia! So this first little trip and next trips to Latvia have been very interesting and enjoyable!


So typical in Latvia: balcony covers are split in 4 or 6 pieces - totally different view were there just one.

This is the only picture of brickbuildings in Ratnieki.

Well, actually there was another buiding, but that was behind the trees in right. We slept in the nice old building in left.


I remember that close to this place was a sightseeing place or something, what exactly, can't remember. But hey, that building is a bit similar to a type of buildings also built in Estonia!

Such a nice view!

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