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017 Rīga center 01.05.2009

I started my Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union invasion in spring 2009. Of course, Rīga as the easiest city to go to was my first target. (I've never been to Helsinki nor Finland and I don't know if I ever will go there. Maybe after Google-Earthing it a bit.) So I spent there some days and made hundreds of photos, 1333 in fact, and videos. I found super cool places you can't even imagine! As good as Lasnamäe in Tallinn and even better! The trip from Tallinn to Rīga took 5 hours. I liked Rīga a lot!

When we entered the city I was astonished because of the buildings I saw! So different, so cool, so big! Later I tried to find the way how we drove in and nearly found that, but it was too late, it was my time to go back. With a clear vision to go back next year, which I did.

This post and others from Rīga are extended - meaning that there are not only pictures of buildings but also the surrounding buildings, objects and cats, more than usual.

So I started from the center, passed Old Town, visited a big junction right next to Salu bridge and then walked slowly on the K. Valdemāra street closer to my Couchsurfing hosts building. These are some of the pictures I made in that walk.

Wonderful railway bridge, so massive and brutal!

Some higher buildings, an office building on the left and the headquarters of Swedbank.

Some folks think the left building is hideous though! I think it is quite nice. It's name is Preses Nams.

The black low building in the left turned out to be the occupation museum. It is so nice and monotone, a gem!

Such a nice view over the bridge. Just like in soviet time! :-)

I was told later by my host that this text on top of the building says "Eat only with a spoon" (belonged to some food or restaurant company).

Well, patterns from the past. I like mostly modern patterns, but sometimes old patterns are also nice to watch. It is like an attempt to get higher and higher but the technology wasn't good enough yet.

That building on the right looked huge! Massive! I know only one building in Tallinn Old Town which gives me this impression (not far from Hell Hunt pub, a five-floorer from 19th century).


Another kind of my favourite buildings - skyscrapers! Well, please don't compare with Hong Kong or New York. But in local scale, they are like skyscrapers. This should be a renovated soviet-era building, a hotel.

Yes, patterns again! Patterns everywhere.

I really enjoy long distance views. And there are many of 'em in Rīga!

Old beautiful patterns!

The TV tower.

The junction close to Salu bridge ("Salu tilts" as they say and that sounds like "saldējums" in the public transport announcements!).

The TV center. This building and the TV tower are both located in an island Zaķusala in the river Daugava!

I think I am in Brīvības street and the Lutheran church is named "Jaunā Sv. Ģertrūdes". Oh, Tallinn street is right behind that church! I liked both the view with and without the big trolleybus.

The buildings above are nice but this one hits them all! Such an elegant array of squares spread out in a concrete wall...

Railway bridge again with my 12x zoom.

I think she looks so Latvian.

This building is awesome! I think it's in the corner of Elizabetes and Brīvības (Freedom) streets.

Wow, what a beauty!

So this was in front of my hosts house. Pretty depressing.

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