Tuesday 8 February 2011

000 Introduction

I would like to say something about the forthcoming posts in my first post. Why am I doing it? Or why I like blockbuildings from the soviet (USSR) era?

I like them because of nostalgia. When I walk in the middle of these buildings I feel like I have stepped back in time tens of years. I very like 1960's and 1970's: architecture of buildings, rectangular patterns on large facades of buildings, design of everyday things, furniture, man-made landscapes, patterns on curtains, forms of vases and lamps, cars. Blockbuildings of soviet era take me back to those times a bit.

When there are many of those buildings put together in one area then that is a certain type of art, certain type of landscape architecture -- another reason why I like blockbuilding areas. The taller and more brutal the buildings are the better the emotion and experience while walking in the middle of them. Walking doesn't mean living though, so I think from the art point of view I like more these areas which are not so good for living.

These are two main reasons. Well, there must be a third reason. But I don't know that for sure. Maybe I am a bit crazy, that's the third reason.

I live in such a typical commieblock in Tallinn, Mustamäe, the house was built in 1968. For me personally this is the best place on earth to live in and I've told that so many times to people I am talking to, also to my guests, to travellers from CouchSurfing. And, if everyone would like them as it was in 1960's then maybe I wouldn't have this special interest now, who knows.

I want to visit bigger cities of the members of former Soviet Union and also in Eastern Europe to walk in those areas, make photos and probably put them here. I have only two reasons to travel and visiting blockbuilding areas is one of them.

I don't put much stress on the quality of pictures, nor do I the best selection. I rather want to show these buildings in their simplicity, in their beauty and dereliction, when they are renovated and when they are not yet, their surroundings, streets between them, views of streets with blockbuildings standing aside, people rarely. Maybe even to show how it all was once, to remember them when they are not there anymore...

I've set up many forum posts in www.skyscrapercity.com in the past and you can see them from this page, if you follow both the links in the post, pictures after the first post and links in my signature. I will put many of those here and also newer pictures.

Come and enjoy this wonderful world of blockbuildings and other similar! They are fantastic!

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