Saturday 1 April 2023

753 Põlva 15.06.2022, part 1 of 2

This time I wanted to see the hospital (Põlva Haigla) in more details. Started off from the coach station which was recently built. 

One man came in and was angry because the toilet was not free of charge, at least not anymore. And he told loudly in Võro dialect/language something like "Ilmä rahata piät kah saama!" which is in Estonian "Ilma rahata peab kah saama!" and in English, "One must have a way to go without money!" Later I thought if he actually realised all the things needed to have it working, be cleaned, have paper, things like that.

Local hotel Pesa together with the swimming pool in the left. The pool is open to everybody and there's probably more one can do for sports.

Probably an example of beton brutalism of 1980's.

Even the local (for the whole parish, about half of the county maybe) care home is located here.

The top of the culture house.

White lilac, wonderful smell.

Up there in the right used to be a summer cafeteria for ice cream and stuff like that. I don't even know when was it demolished.

Surprise: benches in colours of EU countries. Since this is the very central area, the flag of EU itself was here.

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