Saturday 1 April 2023

751 Mustamäe with sunsets in November 2021


Laki and Kõrgepinge streets again.

The new Lidl building is quite finished already.

I missed this corner last month.

Some construction has started already in this part of Kõrgepinge pedestrian street.


Walking in Aiandi and Rabaküla areas.

I wonder how much longer will these be kept here... The bran new Uus-Mustamäe area is right next to it.

Some serious architecture in this area!

Coming back to where I started from.

Soon... :) They opened in February 2022.

And now the intermediate part from the same day: Uus-Mustamäe under construction.


I think this is Arte Gümnaasium.

From the sunsets only a little bit.


Something spectacular happened: a purple sky!

Also something a bit different.

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