Monday 10 December 2018

619 Kalamaja 2017-2018


Very nice new house at Kopli street right next to Balti Jaama turg/market.

Nearly finished new houses right next to Balti Jaama turg.


That's not my art...

This once came quite cool.

This nice house was renovated recently. It was so nice and so 60's. Now it is also nice but the feeling from the past is gone... It is a now a modern block like many others.

These houses here were extremely interesting. The trees, the colours, the architecture... It's just perfect! Rather like Germany, not Tallinn.

Walking further to Noblessneri port area, passing seaplane harbour / sea museum.

View over the bay towards Pirita tee and Lasnamäe.

Very interesting buildings. The left one has been used for a concert hall too.

Something very interesting. Later I went closer and walked around these brand new buildings.

Later in evening I saw also something rare, crepuscular rays coming from the sun in these very special colours....

... and these clouds like waves. They are both specific phenomena in the sky.

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