Saturday 1 December 2018

613 Kuressaare, castle and nature 2016-2018

Little bit more greenery and nature in the time of darkness.

Entering Kuressaare, photos from the bus.


What a rare beauty that was!

I spent some time with that dear creature in the park. Somebody else also took a photo of me while I was sitting on the bench with the cat.

More photos of the castle.

A soviet-time memorial.

Very nicely designed, simple and elegant.

"(Those who are) living, remember!" in Estonian and Russian.



Getting closer to Muhu. Muhu and Saaremaa are connected by a cool road over the water.

"Tuulte roos" area.

Looks like an alvar.

Very nice shot.

I like these photos of dereliction a lot, mostly because of colour combinations and old weary materials.

Suur Tõll (the man, written as Töll because that's the local custom to use ö instead of õ, if not writing then certainly in speech) and Piret (his wife I think) got a lot of fish. A scene from the local mythology.


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