Wednesday 28 November 2018

609 Kohtla-Järve 02.12.2017

Photos from the bus window when driving through the city.

Nice walls, colour randomly decayed by nature.

I was shocked when seeing that. This shopping centre has been built here in the past 5 years or so. But this picture! Such a picture is either from mid 1990's or this is something modern for Russians or for a certain group of people whose lifestyle has an important part which is going to parties. I don't know so these are the possibilities that came into my mind, maybe it is something else. I couldn't believe that something like that is in use and for me, this is so terribly tasteless and cheap. This is no accusation, be it as it is, but I don't see much things around that are so different and seemingly so much out of place. Maybe someone can explain it. The somewhat fun part here is the signs which have been "corrected" by somebody, changing the centre's name on the left door and changing "coach station" into "knife station" on the right.

Ash-hills seen from the back of coach station (part of the shopping centre).

Far-away ash-hill.

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