Tuesday 20 November 2018

603 Narva 02.12.2017, part 1 of 2

First photos are from the bus window, later from walks. Such a shame that Narva didn't have a proper coach station, only a bus stop. Otepää is so much smaller town and even they have a place where people can sit and wait, also Põlva and many others. And the toilet in the bus stop was a porta potty which was totally dark in the dark, the door couldn't be locked etc.

Amazing building. There were many such.

Second wall.

Third wall.

Is there really anybody who likes colours like that and positioned like that? Why on earth one must use pink in the first place? I think this was the cheapest hotel in Narva. Good location, not far from the bus stop.

Views from the previous building.

Ivangorod in Russia over the river, former Jaanilinn. I have better (summer) photos in another post.

Paul Keres.

If it wasn't creepy originally then nature has made it so definitely.

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