Thursday 22 June 2017

580 London morning 24.06.2016

This was the day when something had already changed in general as it turned out later to me. But I was on my way to Stonehenge and Bath. I am glad that our guide Ian from Anderson Tours was with us and the trip was not cancelled, even though he probably wanted to celebrate in the centre.

This is so beautiful!

That middle part looks terrific! Glass with colourful stripes, and shade: a brilliant idea and very beautiful! Surrounding blocks are not quite worthy of this gem.

From here on photos are taken from the bus and often the upper part of a photo looks dyed.

Something unseen.

The name of this building is seen in the lower left corner.

A boat-building of General Electric.

Typical UK towerblocks. Some are ugly but these are fine.

We probably drove west.

Is it really possible to sleep here?

Very nice blocks.

This sign probably reveals the reason of such huge inns around this area.

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