Friday 2 June 2017

573 Copenhagen 25-26.06.2016

Here is another trip to Copenhagen. I didn't take that many photos this time but there are more block-like buildings this time.

I almost stayed in this hotel but it was quite like a God's miracle that I didn't have to, plans were different and realised at the end.

I wonder what on earth happened here.

My goodness, how bland this is :)

I got to know later what was going on: it was the last day for high school children. There was lots of noise and music playing loud.

In the centre.

On the next day.

In total, I find the architecture in Copenhagen is similar and for my eyes, it looks often bland and depressive. But then the others are modern and sleek. Mostly I am surprised how people can stand that many straight walls where there are just windows, and it's a red wall after all. Nevertheless, when I happen to get there again (which I doubt) I will gladly take more photos.

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