Tuesday 25 April 2017

559 Viimsi 2016


The nicest newcomer here.

The backside of the same house.

I guess this one was very modern and posh at the beginning of 1990's when it was probably built.

The backside of it.

This house is the best and nicest example of this kind.

The edge of Lasnamäe seen in the background.

Even the centre is visible.

I'm afraid there's another brick in the wall.

Reminds me 1950's: new houses, new streets, but all in the middle of progress.

There was also this nice red brick.

Inner yard.

Back to the block area where I started from.

There was an old man among new.

Photos from the old park. I'm not sure it was a good idea to build a block right next to the park and right next to the old manor too.

New business/shopping building.

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