Sunday 5 March 2017

546 Kristiine, Haabersti and Merimetsa 24.10.2016

I went back few days later and walked in the same area and took more photos. I also entered more into Merimetsa area.

This is graffiti. Not every doodling or scratching (the majority of these things around) can be called this name.

These pipes already raised my attention few days ago here. I was surprised that there are such things yet. Maybe they are just remnants of the past, but maybe they are being used. These pipes were so impressive and made the whole place so nostalgic to me that few days later I saw a dream where I was in soviet time, late 1960's I guess, here in the same place and it was full of most amazing architecture. It was absolutely perfect, it actually looked nothing like this place in reality but it still influenced such a perfect dream. At least it was a factory there and many people walking around. Unforgettable, and thanks to this visit here.

That new shiny covering metal gives a hint that maybe they are still in use.

Very nice area.

This is part of a 3D Tetris game.

I thought this was the asylum at Paldiski mnt. but a big label on the house said it was something else.


I had found recently that there is a building in the forest and this time here I wanted to go and see what it was and it turned out that this was the asylum, the Institution.

My goodness! Who was the architect? It is so much different from everything else in Tallinn. And this has been made looking like a castle for some purpose not so clear... Or just as nice as possible.

I guess the center window cannot be opened, only the narrow sidewindows.

These walking areas were partly covered with a lattice fence even from above.

Walking away fro there was an adorable old park in autumn colours.

Seeing these old houses around (I didn't take photos of all of them), it looks like maybe there used to be a manor once.

Nice attempt to mimic the old, but the old looks certainly more authentic.

I arrived back to Paldiski mnt.

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