Thursday 2 March 2017

545 Kristiine and Haabersti 21.10.2016

I walked in an area where I hadn't been yet. It's more industrial.

I also wanted to walk here because of this building which I had seen from my map.

Oh wow, was the wind that heavy?

Very unique building in Tallinn!

These two lonely blocks were on different streets by their address.

It's the very edge of Kristiine here, Haabersti begins behind the trees in the right and farther away.

Kristiine blocks on the other side of Mustamäe tee along Marja street.

Piece of art.

Second piece of art.

That woman and a man of Tom of Finland style do not fit together. But it's a great mural anyway.

This is third piece of art.

Big hospital and family doctors' centre.

Not bad painting.

Amazingly nice building, new. It is called Metalli Maja, that is Metallic House.

New headquarters of Telia in Estonia.

It's nice but it could've been better.

I walked first time on this street and I had a hunch that there was something interesting there, and it was really so. A nice example of how to turn a typical block project into something more interesting. I'm not sure though when was it built. It looks to me rather like a house from Germany.


I couldn't take all the photos I wanted because my knee hurt so much already and I continued few days later.

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