Saturday 25 February 2017

542 Kassisaba and Tõnismäe 19.01.2014, part 2 of 2

Here I am walking back from Tõnismäe. This is the row of buildings from backside that are on the opposite of Kosmos cinema. Restored Õllepruuli street should be somewhere here too. This row of buildings built after war closed that street.

Here I was literally walking on the roof of National Library, the pedestrian walk just goes this way.

I found this row of stands, an open air history exhibition about the maps of Tallinn over the years. It was very interesting so I read all of 'em, in about 40 minutes. Strange that I had found the coldest time to do that.

Back on Endla street.

Nice house and nice reflective colour of the sky on the windows.

I remember I once configured and installed a router-firewall into this house.

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