Wednesday 1 February 2017

534 Kalamaja 2008-2016, part 1 of 3

This is slightly offtopic post series because Kalamaja ("Fish-House") has mostly wooden houses. I remember that when I went there to walk around and take photos of houses, I kind of started liking so many wooden houses together. Which is one reason why I like commieblock areas too.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo when it used to be Volta factory. It was a factory for decades, now it has probably apartments in it.

It looks amazing and very 1960's alike.

Wonderful house.

Most photos in this series were taken on this day. First there was a cutie whom I couldn't miss.

Quite strange and modern house from the first republic.

Niine 11.

Very special house. Having been in Germany, I would say it belongs much more there than here.


I like that colour.

This really cool!

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