Thursday 24 November 2016

505 Helsinki 06.07.2015, part 1 of 4

This was my first real trip to Helsinki. I had no expectations, I couldn't even think much what could I find there architecturally. It was like a blind spot and I didn't have any concrete plan to go there and walk around. But a friend of mine wanted to go and so I eventually did.

First photos are from the ferry when I arrived there.

And from here on, already on the ground.

After this I departed from my friend who went on with his friend so I could freely walk between buildings without boring him.

Similar to Danish older architecture.

Nice old-looking area.

There was lots of such architecture, art deco I think.

Even more art deco.

That's all I could get...

Star of the day.

A memorable hospital.

Nice colour for trams.

Again art deco. It turned out that there is so much of this and it is incredibly beautiful.

One of the nicest views again.

At the edge of Eira.

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